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Important Contacts for Families

Below you will find helpful and important contact information for various aspects of your student's life.

Rausch, Scott Residence Life and Housing 404.727.7631
Arnidis, Jessi  Development and Alumni Relations 404.712.4682
Creasy, Daniel Admissions Office 404.727.6639
Bailey, Jordan Athletics 404.727.6551
Elliott, Cheryl D Emory Police 404.727.6115
Sunstein, Chad Emory Dining 404.727.4015
Howard, Arnita School of Nursing 404.712.6826
Gibson, Marlon  Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life 404.727.9220
Lee, Rich Mail Services 404.727.6172
Lips, Erik J Office of Financial Aid 404.727.0088
Lowy, Jessica Goizueta Business School 404.727.2713
Molee, Kim Career Center 404.727.1894
Robinson, Kasey Oxford College 770.784.8393
Wichmann, Trish Parent Philanthropy 404.727.4856
Riordan, Bridget Parent and Family Programs 404.727.6204