Emory students have developed their own unique lingo to describe events, buildings, and mascots around campus. Here are some notable examples you might hear your student use:

Atlanta campus

  • Cox—Cox Hall sits in the heart of campus and not only holds a food court on its bottom level but also state-of-the art Computing Center on its second floor. The center’s large computer monitors, SmartBoards, and comfortable atmosphere allow an interactive and relaxed learning environment for students.

  • Dooley—This unofficial mascot, in the form of a biology lab skeleton, protects Emory’s school spirit. He has an entire week dedicated to him in the spring, where he has the power to cancel classes. "Presidents may come, presidents may go; professors may come, professors may go; students may come, students may go; but Dooley lives forever!"

  • The CLC— The revitalized Campus Life Center will be the central student activities building and home to Emory’s main dining hall. The Campus Life Center will prioritize the allocation of space, activities, and programs on student perspectives and experiences, and will be inviting to all students, including upperclassmen and graduate students. The design will also reflect and value the identities that make up the student body, while being easy to navigate and instilling a sense of campus pride. 

  • The SAAC—The Students Activities and Academic Center is located on Clairmont Campus, a short shuttle ride from the main campus. The SAAC, pronounced “sack,” houses state-of-the-art sports facilities such hard and clay tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a fitness center, and a multipurpose field where students are often seen playing intramural games. There are classrooms, seminar rooms, and a computer lab, as well as a café offering a variety of food choices.

  • Wonderful Wednesdays—This weekly themed community event is held in Asbury Circle in front of the DUC (see Dobbs University Center). Various clubs and organizations use this time to reach out, raise awareness, and create fun for fellow students through food, music, and games.

  • WoodPec—The Woodruff P. E. and Recreation Center is home to Emory’s Athletic Department. Also found here: an Olympic-size swimming pool, a rock-climbing wall, and basketball, volleyball, racquetball, and badminton courts. There are specially designated rooms for yoga, dance, and other fitness classes.

Oxford campus

  • East Village—The East Village is situated just off the Quad and is home to Alpha and Beta residence halls, the college’s newest.

  • Lils—This is the main dining hall on the Oxford Campus. It offers a vast range of food options and is a great place to socialize.

  • Tavern—The Tavern is Oxford’s entertainment venue and the perfect setting for shows and social events.

  • The Ox—The Ox is a dining option that opens at 8:00 p.m. and closes at midnight. It’s the perfect place to ease those late-night food cravings while studying for exams or hanging out with friends.