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Welcome, parents and families of Goizueta Business School students—we're happy you're part of our community! We have collected resources and information to assist you during your student's academic journey through Goizueta and encourage you to take part in our community activities.

Resources and Information

Common Business Student Questions

Students can plug into pre-BBA resources in several ways.

First, the BBA Program hosts daily drop-in hours for pre-BBA students. Students can engage with a pre-professional adviser and also meet our pre-BBA coaches, upper-class BBA students who are available to answer questions and give peer guidance. Drop-in hours take place at varying times throughout the week on a consistent schedule and are held in the BBA Program Office.

Second, students who are on a pre-BBA path should join our pre-BBA listserv, which sends announcements and reminders about things like pre-BBA events, course registration, and other opportunities on a weekly to bi-monthly basis.

Third, throughout each semester we host academic and career exploration programming for pre-BBA students through our Goizueta Pre-BBA Association. Your student will be able to learn about academic pathways, explore early career timelines, hear from faculty speakers, and engage with business clubs.

Students have three entry points to the BBA program if they start their academic journey on the Atlanta campus and two entry points if continuing from the Oxford campus. There is no right or wrong time to join the program, but attending pre-BBA advising and planning with us based on the individual student’s goals and path is encouraged.

Atlanta Campus: The earliest point of entry for Atlanta campus students is fall of sophomore year. Students may also enter spring of sophomore year or fall of junior year. All students must complete the prerequisites before they start the BBA program.

Oxford Campus: Students matriculating from the Oxford campus may enter after all Oxford associate’s degree requirements and BBA prerequisites are complete, this could be spring of sophomore year or more commonly fall of junior year. Students on the Oxford campus have additional BBA curricular opportunities in addition to our prerequisite courses to continue to explore and make progress towards the BBA major prior to their transition to the Atlanta campus.

The BBA program does not require a formal application, but we do require students to complete prerequisite coursework and complete our intent to matriculate process.

When a student has completed or is enrolled in their final prerequisite coursework and has decided to join the BBA program, they will file an “intent to matriculate” form with the BBA program. This form is completed the semester before their intended start. For example, if a student plans to start the BBA program in fall of their sophomore year, they will complete the form in spring of their freshmen year.

The intent to matriculate form has a due date each semester: mid-September for a spring start and mid-February for a fall start in our program. Once submitted, the BBA program will confirm that a student has completed (or is currently enrolled in) all prerequisite coursework and has met the criteria for matriculation. Once confirmed, students are welcomed to the BBA program and will be matriculated into the business school for the subsequent semester.

Our expectation is that students have earned an average of 3.3 in their prerequisite coursework. Students who do not meet these criteria will still be considered and may be asked for additional information about their academic journey.

Students have several supports at Oxford to help to prepare them for matriculation into Goizueta. The primary resource is our assistant director for the Goizueta@OX (Goizueta Business School at Oxford) program. This full-time staff member on the Oxford campus provides academic advising and programming to provide planning assistance to students who may be planning to get a degree in business.

Goizueta@OX also partners with Oxford Career Services to provide foundational career planning support that focuses on creating a resume, building a strong LinkedIn page, and searching for summer opportunities.

Through Goizueta@OX, the Goizueta Career Management Center provides programming to help students understand the career search and its timeline for business students. They also use current Goizueta students in their programming to provide the Oxford students with peer perspectives on how to proceed with career planning.

Students also can start taking business classes that are offered on the Oxford campus. For the 2023–2024 academic year, Oxford offered the following courses: ACT 200, ACT 399R, BUS 290, BUS 350, and FIN 320. ACT 200 and FIN 320 are required core courses for the business school curriculum and are offered by Goizueta faculty on the Oxford campus and ACT 399r is an elective choice. Oxford students have an opportunity to get a head start on the BBA curriculum while completing their Oxford requirements.

The BBA Career Management Center (CMC) offers resources, services, and events to prepare students for success in their internship and full-time job search, as well as their long-term career development, including:

Professional Development:

  • BUS 380 Professional Development: As part of their first semester in the program, all BBA students are required to take BUS 380 Professional Development, a two-credit core course developed and taught by the BBA CMC staff. The curriculum equips BBAs with the essential skills and tools for success in their internship and full-time job search.

Personalized Guidance:

  • One-on-one coaching: BBA CMC staff members provide personalized career counseling and support to help students explore their career goals, plan a recruitment timeline, negotiate or select job offers, strengthen interview skills, and receive guidance on CPT/OPT regulations.
  • Drop-in advising: BBA CMC student coaches offer guidance on resumes and cover letters, email etiquette, navigating LinkedIn, and preparing for behavioral, finance technical, and/or case interviews. They also provide guidance on networking strategies, getting involved in Goizueta activities, and resources of the BBA CMC.

Additional Resources:

  • Career Treks: Students gain first-hand experience and insights into different industries through company visits and networking opportunities.
  • Employer and Alumni Connections: Through Goizueta-specific events, BBAs connect with alumni and employers, learn about different companies and industries, and explore internship and full-time opportunities.
  • Career Development Workshops: BBAs can participate in skill-building workshops offered during peak recruiting seasons in collaboration with faculty, the Goizueta Business Library, and industry professionals. The CMC also provides dedicated programs to connect F-1 international degree-seeking students to resources that empower them to navigate recruitment challenges and achieve their career aspirations.

The BBA CMC also partners with Emory’s Career and Professional Development employer-relations team to provide on-campus recruiting opportunities for all students through company presentations, career fairs/expos, and on-campus interviews.

Getting Connected

Orientation Retreat

New BBA students at the Business School attend an Orientation Retreat at the end of August every year. The overnight retreat helps students transition into the BBA program and begin to build leadership capacities such as resilience, interdependence, and coping with risk and ambiguity. The retreat includes team-building activities as well as academic sessions on advising, career services, and study abroad.

Watch a video about the 2023 retreat

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