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Welcome, Oxford College parents and families. We're thrilled you are part of our community. You'll find information and resources below to help and support you and your student as they journey through Oxford—whether you've just arrived or are in your second year.

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Incoming Student Families

We're so happy you chose Oxford College, where students are determined to make a difference and do. Below you'll find all the information you need to help your student get off to a great start at Oxford including important dates and deadlines, academic credit and general education requirements, housing, visa requirements, student well-being, and more.

Getting Started

The Oxford Onboarding site is where you'll find information about the following:

  • Orientation
  • Academics, Advising, and Registration
  • Residential Life and Dining
  • Student Health
  • Information for International Students

The Class of 2028 information will be available and shared with all incoming families in May.

Use this handy checklist to keep track of important dates and deadlines for your incoming Oxford College student.

Common Incoming Student Questions 

Oxford College is located on the original campus where Emory College was founded in 1836 in Oxford, Georgia, about 38 miles east of Emory’s Atlanta campus. Originally founded by Methodists, the town of Oxford is named for England’s Oxford University, the alma mater of the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. Oxford is next door to the city of Covington, Georgia, whose charming town square and shops are frequented by Oxford students. Covington has played a big role in the state’s thriving film industry, with series like The Vampire Diaries filmed there.

All Emory undergraduates, including Oxford students, choose whether they want to continue in Emory College or attend the business school or nursing school.

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Learn more about undergraduate admission requirements at the School of Nursing and Goizueta Business School.

Finding community takes time and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. A great place to start is with the student involvement fair that takes place at the beginning of the fall semester. Students can connect with student clubs and organizations and intramural sports teams, or find ways to participate in the performing arts.  

The Oxford to Atlanta shuttle runs between the two campuses seven days a week. Although service is limited Monday through Thursday before 1:00 p.m., students who need to travel to the Atlanta campus for class or other official business can request the use of an Oxford minivan via our Oxford Wheels program that they can drive to the Atlanta campus. There are also shuttles that take students to nearby shopping areas. Learn more about transportation options at Oxford for students without cars. 

Students can download the Oxford Shuttles app for more information on times and destinations.

Campus Life

Leadership at Oxford

Oxford’s first and second-year students uniquely and entirely lead campus organizations and activities. When they arrive on the Atlanta campus as juniors, Oxford students tend to stand out for their leadership and service there as well. Not only does Oxford offer multiple ways for our students to lead, we offer multiple programs to learn valuable leadership skills for college and beyond.

Learn more about Leadership and Service
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First-Year Student Families

We're happy you're here! Our students learn in the classroom and in the real world through Oxford's signature academic programs. They'll receive guidance from career and faculty advisers, academic deans, and academic advising staff throughout their time at Oxford.

Common First-Year Student Questions 

At Oxford you’ll find a community of bright, curious thinkers who are engaged with our close-knit and inclusive community. From performing arts to service to student government, there are many ways to get involved on campus. Explore Campus Life at Oxford and options for involvement to help your student find the best fit.

Emory's two campuses are a short shuttle or car ride away, and most Oxford students are familiar with or have visited the Atlanta campus before they arrive as juniors. The drive takes about 45 minutes. The college also runs shuttles to shopping centers in or around Oxford, Covington, and Conyers, another nearby town.

Students can download the Oxford Shuttles app for more information on times and destinations.

Emory undergraduates have until the end of sophomore year to declare a major. Typically, the first two years are dedicated to completing Emory's General Education Requirements. Oxford students have an opportunity to explore the college's signature academic programs. Learn more about Emory's undergraduate majors and their requirements.
Signature Academic Programs

Discovery Seminar

A distinctive academic experience for students in their first semester, Discovery Seminaris the first step of Oxford's curricularfocus on discovery, exploration, and reflection. Students are led in a seminar-style course by a faculty mentor who also serves as your student’s academic adviser for the two years they’re at Oxford.  

Learn More about This First-Year Course
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Find information, news, and deadlines to help you stay connected to your student and Oxford

Spring Start Student Families

Oxford's Spring Start students jump right into the campus's academic and student life after their January orientation. Oxford has multiple programs and events to welcome them and ease their transition.

Resources and Information

Visit the Spring Start webpage for more information on the following:

  • Registration
  • Course Catalog
  • Housing
  • Dining
  • Orientation
  • Move-In
  • Advising Support Center
  • Exploring Oxford
  • Health Care, Immunizations, and Insurance

Common Spring Start Student Questions

Spring admits use the fall to explore their passions and satisfy their curiosity. They can engage in internships, college coursework at another institution, community service, travel, paid employment, or other enrichment opportunities.  

Beginning your Oxford experience in the spring semester has its advantages such as special programming, an exclusive Orientation, a limited-edition Discovery Seminar course, early access to your faculty adviser, designated registration times for spring classes, and a customized housing application process. In addition, Campus Life has identified unique opportunities for Spring Start students to gain leadership experience during their first semester on campus.

Taking coursework over the summer or fall can be one great way for Spring Start students to ensure they will graduate with their class, but students may not enroll in another college or university as degree seeking*. A student who enrolls in another institution as degree seeking during the fall semester will forfeit their admission status and enrollment deposit.

Spring Start students may transfer credit for up to two courses. Typically, one college course is three credit hours at Emory University, so a student can expect to transfer up to six credit hours. There is a process for students to request to have their college credit evaluated. We will communicate a pre-approval process for you so that you can understand what Emory credit you will receive for the classes you take at other universities. Over the summer, the Oxford Advising Support Center will invite you to virtual academic advising meetings specifically related to this and your overall academic plan at Oxford.  

* Many colleges and universities offer the option to enroll in classes without working towards a specific program completion or degree, usually referred to as non-degree seeking. Please explore these options instead of enrolling as a degree-seeking student.

Spring admits will be immersed in Oxford's rich social life as soon as they arrive on campus. They have the opportunity to join student organizations, attend leadership retreats, and connect with their peers. They will also have a dedicated sophomore student leader to help them navigate Oxford's diverse and exciting involvement opportunities.

When students have completed the required coursework and credits at Oxford College, they will be able to graduate onto the Atlanta Campus, where they will enroll in Emory College, Goizueta Business School, or the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. There is no separate application process required for students; it is a seamless process within Emory University.

Oxford College welcomed its second-ever Spring Start class in January 2023, a diverse cohort of about 50 talented students.

Sophomore Student Families

As the campus "seniors," Oxford College sophomores have even more opportunities to explore and lead. They are also preparing to declare their majors and transition to Emory's Atlanta campus to complete their degrees in the liberal arts, business, or nursing. There is plenty of programming and information at Oxford to help in this transition and more when they arrive on the Atlanta campus the following academic year.

Your student’s first two years at Oxford provide a sturdy foundation for their eventual major and Emory undergraduate degree. 

Common Sophomore Student Questions

Like all Emory undergraduates, Oxford students have a choice to make as they approach their junior year. They can continue to study the liberal arts in Emory College of Arts and Sciences, nursing in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, or apply to Goizueta Business School.

In order to make the academic and residential transition seamless, Oxford students participate in joint student orientation activities on the Atlanta campus and workshops in the second semester of their sophomore year. They also have special orientation activities when they arrive on the Atlanta campus in their junior year.

Students have several supports at Oxford to help prepare them for matriculation into the business school. The primary resource is our assistant director for the Goizueta@OX (Goizueta Business School at Oxford) program. The AD is a full-time staff member on the Oxford campus who provides academic advising and programming to students who may be planning to get a degree in business.

Goizueta@OX also partners with Oxford Career Services to provide foundational career planning support that focuses on resumes, building a strong LinkedIn page, and searching for summer opportunities.

Through Goizueta@OX, the Goizueta Career Management Center provides programming to help students understand the career search and its timeline for business students. Current Goizueta students provide Oxford students a peer perspective on how to proceed with career planning.

Beginning in the 2023–2024 academic year, Oxford will offer the following business courses: ACT 200, ACT 399R, BUS 290, BUS 350, and FIN 320, ACT 200, FIN 320, and ACT 399r, an elective. The required core courses for the business school curriculum are taught by Goizueta faculty on the Oxford campus, giving Oxford students the opportunity to get a head start on the BBA curriculum while completing their Oxford requirements.

Students will apply for admission. If the student has a 3.0 cumulative GPA from Emory College or Oxford College at the time of application, they will be admitted automatically into the School of Nursing starting their junior year.

Housing options for juniors and seniors on the Atlanta campus are on Emory's Clairmont Campus. A community of students and staff, Clairmont Campus provides an academic environment without giving up the autonomy that an apartment affords. Further support is provided to students by the Clairmont Campus Service Center.

Oxford graduates are not required to live on campus and on-campus housing on the Atlanta campus is not guaranteed. If your student wants to live on campus, encourage them to apply early. See the Campus Life housing portal for more information. 

Emory has an off-campus housing portal that provides information about nearby housing options.

Participation in ATLBound events is key to the transition to the Atlanta campus. At these events, campus team members provide resources and help students transitioning from Oxford make connections. Another great place to start is with the student involvement fair that occurs at the beginning of each semester. Here, students can connect with 350+ recognized student organizations to learn more about what they do and their membership process. Additionally, the Office of Student Involvement Leadership and Transitions works closely with students through STEER (Student Training, Education, and Engagement Resource) Team to help them explore involvement opportunities.



Oxford College Commencement is held over the same weekend in May as Emory University's other graduation activities. It marks the official end of Oxford students' on-campus residency but not the end of the lifelong affiliation and affection they have for the college. Oxford College alumni are among Emory's most devoted graduates.

Commencement Information
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